MCC College Scholarship


Scholarship Requirements

1) Scholarship applicant must be a member of the Markle Church of Christ or the child of a MCC Timothy serving on the mission field.

2) Scholarship applicant must be enrolled in a Christian Church/Church of Christ college or university. (Click here for school list.)

3) Undergraduate scholarship applicant must be taking a minimum of 12 academic hours for the semester. Postgraduate scholarships will be decided case by case. Following the submission of your application, please send a copy of your semester class schedule showing number of credit hours in enrollment to

4) Scholarship recipients must maintain a "B" equivalent grade point average the previous semester to be eligible. Following the submission of your application, please send a school record showing your previous semester grades to (Both official and unofficial transcripts are acceptable.)

5) Juniors and seniors must be pursuing a degree in full-time Christian Education/Ministry with the intent of entering into full-time ministry, which includes full-time mission work, upon graduation..

6) This application must be submitted each semester. Applications must be accompanied by the subsequent submission of all information noted in #3 and #4 above. Any application missing this information will not be considered until all information is received.

7) Scholarships are approved and awarded in accordance to these requirements each semester by the Missions Team. No money will be paid prior to approval. Checks will be made out to the college or university, not to any individual.

8) This scholarship is not retroactive. It must be submitted prior to, or during, the current semester.


scholarship Amounts

Freshman - $500/semester

Sophomore - $500/semester

Junior - $750/semester

Senior - $1,000/semester


scholarship Application

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