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Got questions?!?

Sometimes church can feel like a place where its either unsafe or just awkward to ask difficult questions. Maybe there’s a topic or issue that you’re wrestling with? Or maybe you have some questions about life/faith/the Bible/church and you’d like some input on those things. Well, we’d love to hear from you as we prepare for an upcoming message series we’re calling “Asking For A Friend.” We’ll be basing the messages for all four weeks of this series off of the questions that are submitted by YOU. So click the link below to share your questions with us!


How are the health and quality of your relationships? Within your family? Within your work community? Within your church? Every person walking this earth is connected in relationship to people around them. And just like the world around us is changing, so are the dynamics of those relationships. The health and quality of our relationships will depend on our ability and willingness to allow our hearts and minds to shift, when necessary, to love better.

Join us for this four-week series as we consider the shifts God desires to make in our lives so that our relationships can both be healthy and bring Him the greatest honor.