What is your next step?

Whether you've been a Christian for decades or church really hasn't been a part of your life up to this point, we believe every person has a next step to take in their journey with God. For some, its the 1,000th step--for others, its the 1st step. Wherever you find yourself, we want to walk with you. Here are a few of the steps we've identified:



STEP one : worship

Our Sunday morning services are a great first step. We invite you to check us out on a Sunday morning to see what our church culture feels like and whether its a place you feel comfortable. We recognize that our church might not be the perfect fit for everyone--but we also think there's a place for you if you're ready to grow in your walk with Jesus.

We believe there are also a few more ways God calls His people to worship. These include baptism (making the decision to become a follower of Jesus), membership (committing to MCC as your church home), and giving of your resources (investing in your church home).



Step one is mostly about what you do by yourself. Step two is all about what you do with other members of your church. The Bible is pretty clear that what God calls us to do as His people can't be done by ourselves. We need other people to speak into our lives and to help us faithfully follow Jesus. You weren't designed to navigate life--or faith--alone.

We have two primary ways you can connect with others at MCC--Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs) and CommUNITY Groups. ABFs meet on Sunday morning at the church and CommUNITY Groups meet seasonally during the week in people's homes.



If step one is all about what you do by yourself and step two is all about what you do with other members of the church, step three is what you do for other members of your church family and for the community outside of our walls as well. Jesus himself said that He came not to be served but to serve--and to give his life up for others.

There are many ways you can serve in our church and in our community--from working with children to helping run A/V in our worship services, from distributing food through our monthly Master's Pantry outreach to joining us on an international mission trip.