In this series we discuss the power of our stories. Not only is there incredible strength that comes from reflecting on how God has worked in our lives but there is also the incredible potential to change the world around us when we're willing to share our stories with others. During this series we will hear the stories of three families at MCC--stories full of joy, pain, and the hope that only God can bring. Everyone has a story and every one matters.  #StoriesMCC


WEEK 1: "The Greatest story never told"

Aaron McClary - May 21, 2017

Do you know what may be the single most powerful tool that God uses to draw the people around you closer to Him? It's your story. The story of how God showed up in the circumstances of your life has the power to literally change the future for the people around you. But you have to be willing to tell it. You have to be willing to push past the fear or the shame or whatever else might keep you from speaking out. Everyone has a story and every one matters.

WEEK 2: "AJ & Rebecca Jones"

Nathan Palmer - May 28, 2017

AJ & Rebecca's story is a powerful testimony of pain, fear, loss, and ultimately the hope that only God can bring in the midst of it all. Their courage to open their lives and share their story--the good, the bad, and everything in between--is all in an effort for you to be encouraged and for you to be challenged to share your story with those around you as well.


Jason Frisch - June 4, 2017

Drew and Kati's story is a testimony of incredible ups and downs during their process of adopting two little girls from the Congo. From passionate excitement to utter devastation and continued disappointments, their story highlights an unwavering commitment to faithful obedience and a God who can still work miracles even when the obstacles seem insurmountable. Let Drew and Kati inspire you to share your story with those around you because every one matters.

WEEK 4: "Tell The World"

Aaron McClary - June 11, 2017

Everyone has a story and every one matters. But here's the thing--no one can tell your story better than you can. No one can tell the world how God has moved in your life like you can. Not only that, if you claim to be a Christian than that is exactly what God has called you to do--to tell the world about Jesus and how your life is different, better, because of what He has done. Now is the time to tell the world your story!

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