Throughout Jesus' ministry He was constantly surprising people by doing the unexpected. Right up until the final days before His crucifixion, Jesus was unveiling God's plan for His people and it wasn't what anyone thought it was going to be. The truth is, God is still in the business of doing the unexpected and when you allow Him to work in your life you can expect a Plot Twist. #PlotTwistMCC


WEEK 1: "NOT your average savior"

Aaron McClary - April 2, 2017

God’s people expected a Messiah but they didn’t expect that Messiah to look like Jesus. The people of Jesus’ day weren’t so sure He was the real deal. Some believed and some didn’t, just like today. Because Jesus’ life and ministry were a huge plot twist in the story of God and His people.

WEEK 2: "an untimely death"

Aaron McClary - April 9, 2017

What do you call the Son of God dying in the place of those who deserve to pay the price themselves? Now that is a major plot twist. In the final hours of His life, Jesus was ushering in a new way for God and His people to be reconciled to each other. The unexpected story of Jesus continues with a brutal crucifixion.

WEEK 3: "he is risen!"

Aaron McClary - April 16, 2017

The stone wasn’t rolled away to let Jesus out. He was already gone. The stone was rolled away to let the world in. The stone was rolled away to let us see what had already been done! Easter is a celebration of the single greatest plot twist in all of human history--Jesus' resurrection from the grave!