"philippians": a 5-week study

In this message series we walk verse-by-verse through the entire letter from the apostle Paul to the church in Philippi--four chapters in five weeks. Taking this approach forces us to think about and deal with things that we might not address otherwise. Instead of picking and choosing what we want to study, we go wherever the text goes. Maybe there are times when you've approached Bible reading like a trip to the buffet. You fill your plate with the stuff that looks good--the stuff that’s easy to digest--but maybe there’s a whole bunch of other stuff that you skip over entirely. By taking the approach that we do in this series, we keep from doing that—from picking and choosing what we like and what we’d rather not deal with. We put every item on our plate that the book of Philippians has to offer us and we consume the whole thing. We hope you'll pull up a chair and join us!



Aaron McClary - October 16, 2016

We need to understand what really matters. In light of eternity, in light of who God is and what He's up to in our world, there are so many things we make a big deal that don’t really matter. There are only two things that are going to last: 1) People and 2) the Word of God. If you want to invest your life in things that are going to last, invest your time and energy and resources in the people around you and God’s Word.

WEEK 2: "Chapter 1"

Aaron McClary - October 23, 2016

Everyone around Paul knew why he was in jail—because of his faith in and teaching about Jesus—and everyone around Paul was able to see his faithfulness to the Lord despite having his freedom stripped from him. You and I have the same opportunity. When we find ourselves in difficult circumstances, people are watching and we have the opportunity to show them Jesus in those moments.

WEEK 3: "chapter 2"

Aaron McClary - October 30, 2016

We live in a world that desperately needs Jesus. You don’t have to look very hard at all to see that there are a lot of dark places and a lot of hurting people in our world. If we’re not careful, we’ll get so caught up in our own lives and our own families and our own careers and our own issues that we’ll stop seeing those in need altogether. Paul’s desire for the Philippians was that they would humble themselves like Jesus humbled himself, maintaining unity so that the Gospel could continue to spread and God could continue to get the glory.

WEEK 4: "chapter 3"

Aaron McClary - November 6, 2016

Being a Christian isn’t just about what you BELIEVE but its about how you BEHAVE. Faith without action is dead. This is why we press on. This is why we don’t give up or allow any roadblocks to come between us and Jesus…because a day is coming when--no matter what this life has thrown at us--God is going to renew our weak and mortal bodies and change them into something perfect.

WEEK 5: "chapter 4"

Aaron McClary - November 13, 2016

Grace is unmerited favor. Grace is getting what we don’t deserve. Because of our sin, what we deserve is death and separation from God. But because of Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf—in our place—not only do we not get what we deserve (death and separation from God) but we get what we don’t deserve which is forgiveness and every good thing that God promises to those who accept and love and follow Jesus. This includes life to the fullest here on earth as well as life to the fullest forever in eternity after death.