What does it mean to have a personal relationship with the Creator of the universe? Is that even possible? If so, how do you build and grow a relationship with someone you can't even see--let alone someone as big as God? In this series, we explore those questions and more. #LifeWithGodMCC


WEEK 1: "A Supernatural Friendship"

Aaron McClary - July 2, 2017

Here's the truth--God wants to be close to you and you can be as close to God as you want to be. But there are two HUGE enemies to life with God...and these two enemies are particularly insidious because they’re so close to what it means to experience life with God--they’re just a degree or two off. But its just enough to cause us to completely miss out on experiencing life with God if we don’t guard against these flawed approaches to faith.

WEEK 2: "The Power of Prayer"

Aaron McClary - July 9, 2017

The power of prayer is not that it allows us to get the things we want or need—although that is a byproduct of prayer. The power of prayer is that it ushers us into the presence of God. Prayer isn’t preparation for the work God wants you to do. Prayer is the work God wants you to do. Prayer isn’t a means to an end. Prayer is the end because to pray is to be with God.

WEEK 3: "The Joy of Fasting"

Aaron McClary - July 16, 2017

Hunger. Thirst. Simplicity. Sacrifice. These words aren't typically synonymous with joy--but the Bible is full of stories of people who regularly refrained from consumption in order to feast on the Word of God and draw nearer to Him in prayer. For most Believers in modern America, fasting is a lost art...a forgotten discipline. Perhaps its time we revisit the joy of fasting.

WEEK 4: "The Blessing of the Bible"

Mike Duggan - July 23, 2017

There are a lot reasons why Christian people read the Bible but the most fundamental of these reasons is because God loves us. Reading Scripture isn't about amassing intellectual superiority but, rather, about cultivating relational integrity. The blessing of the Bible is that in helps us develop a relationship--a life with God.

WEEK 5: "The Privilege of Ministry"

Aaron McClary - July 30, 2017