Every phase has unique characteristics to understand.

Every phase has distinctive opportunities to leverage.

Every phase has significant relationships to influence.

This series bookends our annual Vacation Bible Experience (VBX) for children and students. Over the course of this two week series we discover how God works in the various phases of kids' lives and how there are various phases in our faith development as well. When it comes to growing up and growing in faith, its important that we don't miss any of the opportunities along the way!  #JustAPhaseMCC



Aaron McClary - June 18, 2017

The statement, “Its just a phase, they’ll grow out of it” is supposed to be encouraging--but if we’re not careful that way of thinking may cause us to miss out on some opportunities for God to work in each unique phase of our lives. Instead of, “Its just a phase, they’ll grow out of it” what we need to hear is “Its just a phase, so don’t miss it!”

WEEK 2: "seize the season"

Aaron McClary - June 25, 2017

Today...right now...in the present...in whatever season of life you find yourself in...there is something that God wants to do FOR you, there’s something He wants to do THROUGH you, and there’s something He wants to do IN you. And being aware of how God is working in the present allows us to prioritize it over our romantic thoughts of the past or our idolic thoughts of the future.