spring 2018 survey

Thank you for being a part of the spring 2018 season of CommUNITY Groups at MCC! And thank you for your willingness to provide us with your feedback so that we can continue to make the MCC CommUNITY Group experience a worthwhile investment of your time and energy. Your response to this survey will be very helpful as we plan and prepare for the fall season.

Name *
Did you meet any new people as a result of being in a CommUNITY Group? *
Do you feel like being a part of a CommUNITY Group this season was a good investment of your time? *
If you plan to participate in the fall, what role(s) are you interested in?
Are you actively involved in a Sunday morning ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship) class? *
If not, would you like some information about joining an ABF?
When we start promoting for the fall season, we may use short testimonials from spring group participants. Would you be willing to participate in a video? *