Too many people and churches are known for what they’re against. We want to be known by what we’re FOR. Over the next few weeks we’ll be taking a look at how God is FOR us and how He calls us to be FOR others.  #FORmcc



Jason Frisch - April 8, 2018

At one time, the ideas were revolutionary. "Love your neighbor as yourself...Love your enemies...Love others others as I (Jesus) have loved you." These ideas upended the religious norms of the day which centered around restrictive rules and traditions. And as a result the Gospel flourished. But over time, many have returned to going through the religious motions. Not us. Not now. We must be FOR others because God is FOR us!

WEEK 2: "common ground"

Aaron McClary - April 15, 2018

Being FOR others is easier said than done. There are a number of stumbling blocks that will keep us from being FOR others--if we let them. In this message, we take a look at three specific roadblocks to being FOR others and how we can avoid them so that we can love those around us the way God has called us to. After all, "If God is for us, who can be against us?"


Aaron McClary - April 22, 2018

We've made the case for why we need to be FOR others...but how exactly do we do that? What will our lives look like when we're truly FOR others? We'll do FOR them rather than seeking to get FROM them, we'll do FOR them what we’d want done FOR us, and we'll do FOR them what will bring God the MOST glory.

WEEK 4: "serve sunday"

April 29, 2018

On April 29th members from our local congregations and throughout our community came together to invest in the betterment of our town—and it was a huge success! When so many people and organizations are known for what they’re against, we showed what we’re FOR—and we are #FORMARKLE.

Enjoy this Serve Sunday 2018 highlight video that captures some of the great work that was done as we came together to serve!

WEEK 5: "more than a moment"

Aaron McClary - May 6, 2018

Serve Sunday was a fantastic day for our church and for our community. With over 500 volunteers actively engaged in service, it was a fantastic moment. But we must remember that we've been called not just to participate in a moment, but to join a movement. We’ve been called to embrace more than just an opportunity to serve, we’ve been called to embrace the identity of a servant.