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We are excited to celebrate our global missions partnerships during Faith Promise 2019. May God lead us to be Salt & Light in our communities and around the world. #SaltAndLightMCC #FaithPromise2019

We can't wait to see what God does in and through our global missions partnerships in 2020!

Series Schedule

Week 1/September 8th - "A Life of Contrast" - Aaron McClary,  Lead Minister, MCC

Week 2/September 15th - "A Light In the Dark" - Daniel Llamas, Colegio Biblico

Week 3/September 22nd "A Taste of Heaven" - Aaron McClary, Lead Minister, MCC

Week 4/September 29th"A Hope For the World" - Glen Shady, French Christian Mission

Commitment Card

Our combined Faith Promises form the basis of MCC's Missions Budget for the coming year. This year our desire is to see God's Kingdom our own lives, in our church, in our communities, and around the world...through the missions partnerships we value so much.

A significant part of Faith Promise is the financial commitment that we ask each person who calls MCC their church home to make toward our global missions outreach in the next year. In the form below you can fill out a digital “Commitment Card” at any time during Faith Promise 2019.

Giving toward your Faith Promise can be done throughout the year by using the church’s designated envelope system, by simply putting a note in with your offering stating that it is for your Faith Promise, or by giving online here.

Our financial goal for 2020 is $250,000.

(Our 2019 Missions Budget is currently $221,654)

Trusting God and believing He can and will provide the funds...I promise, by faith, to give $__________ (total) in 2020 for the cause of God through Mission work here at home and around the world.
I plan to give: *
(Note: This is the approximate number of increments (52/12/1) you plan to use as you give the total amount above. This should not include other designated missions offerings)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a “Faith Promise”?

A: Faith Promise is an agreement you make with God to give through the church a specific amount of money to the cause of local and world missions. It is a promise you make in faith (not based solely on funds you now have or expect to have) that God will provide additional funds into your hands so that you can give to missions.

Q: What is the difference between Faith Promise and my usual offering?

A: Your tithe is based on money you expect to make during the year. A Faith Promise is totally different. It is a promise based on faith. It is what you trust God to provide out of His resources, not on what you expect to earn. It is not a pledge. You will never be asked to “make good” on your Faith Promise. If God provides, you give. Watching for God’s working is an exciting adventure. Our faith grows as we see him providing.

Q: How does the process work?

A: You will receive a Faith Promise Commitment Card. You will be asked to pray for an amount you believe God will provide to you in ways you know not of, and then write that amount down on the card. Half the card you will keep as a prayer reminder. The other half you will present to the Lord. Then you simply watch and pray for God to provide what you have promised to give.

Q: How does God provide?

A: God has unlimited resources and ways to provide what you have promised by faith to give. Here are just a few possibilities: a bonus at work, an inheritance, a gift, an unexpected tax refund, the opportunity to work a second job or get overtime, a raise, a windfall from investments, etc. Another possible source of new income is to cut expenses: a child graduates from college so there are no more tuition payments, a diet plan or fast that saves on a lunch or two each week, etc. The possibilities are endless. Some people believe in missions and just want to prioritize giving to this great cause, so they make whatever sacrifices are necessary.

Q: Does Faith Promise produce the results it is intended to?

A: Yes! We have been blessed to see our faith promises honored by the Lord. When we live by faith and trust God to provide, then we discover for ourselves the faithfulness of our Lord. This is your opportunity to live the Kingdom life and to really live by faith, trusting God to provide.

How To Give

The Faith Promise commitment you make during our Faith Promise Rally will be for the upcoming year beginning in 2020.

Your commitment is exclusively for Missions Ministry. Your monies can be given three different ways:

  1. Numbered giving envelope - If you have been giving in the past, the envelope packet will be available at the end of the year for 2020 giving. If you currently do not have a packet and want to receive one, please contact the church office.

  2. Purple giving envelope* - These envelopes are located in the Worship Center in the backs of the chairs and also on the Giving Boxes.

  3. Electronically - You can set up your giving to be initiated electronically by clicking here.

In all three cases you must indicate what portion of your gift is for missions in order for it to get to the proper fund for disbursement. Gifts to the General Ministry (General Fund) do not go to missions. Any funds you designate to a specific mission does not apply toward your faith promise giving/pledge. If your preference is to give to a specific mission please do not include this amount as part of the amount you pledge at Faith Promise.

*Please note: these same envelopes can be used simultaneously for gifts to the General Fund which are used for general operating expenses for the church. In this case you would mark the line labeled “General Ministry” for that portion of your gift.