VBX 2019

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Are you ready to raise your game? This summer, June 24-28, from 9am-12pm each day, kids will plug in to know God, know God’s Word, know Jesus and change the world! Because God’s power gives us everything we need, get ready to Power Up!

Register your preschool, elementary and middle school kids to make this year’s VBX the highest scoring week ever! Plus, your kids will level up each day with all kinds of great music, games, crafts, snacks and Bible lessons!

Head to www.marklekids.com to register your children and order VBX theme t-shirts.

Interested in becoming a VBX 2019 volunteer? Everyone who signs up to volunteer before June 5th gets a FREE VBX theme t-shirt. Sign up now at www.marklekids.com!

In addition, we are needing empty toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls and lots of small boxes for a craft activity. If you have any of these or can save them for us, please bag them up and bring them to Nathan.

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