Believe is by far the biggest event our middle school ministry does every single year and it's definitely not something any of our middle school students want to miss!!!

Date and Location: This year Believe from April 26th to 28th we will be headed back to Hope College in Holland, Michigan. 

This Year’s Theme: The theme this year is "I AM."  The idea of identity is a universal struggle. Every generation wrestles with it. Jr. high students sit at a pivotal moment in their lives where they are constantly asking the question “Who am I?” A student can’t truly know who they are until they know who God is. And this year CIY’s Believe tour will help Jr. high students understand what it means to find their identity in God.

There are hundreds of “I Am” statements in the Bible, but Believe will focus on four key phrases during the 2018-19 tour that will be a foundation for Jr. high students to have deeper conversations about identity: “I am God’s masterpiece,” “I am God’s child,” “I am the church” and “I am a Kingdom worker.”

While at Believe, students will be reminded that they aren’t random and their identity is not found in what they do, but who they are. And God has made them who they are. 

Total Cost: The total cost for Believe is $130 plus money for 3 road meals and any extra souvenirs your student might want to buy while at the conference. 

Lodging: We will be staying at the same place we have stayed at the previous two years - a massive, beautiful, Airbnb house in downtown Holland, Michigan. The girls will be staying on the 2nd floor and the boys will be staying in the basement.

The Conference Ends On The 27th, Why Are You Not Returning Until The 28th? Our tradition has always been to stay an extra night for two reasons: 

  1. The conference is always jam packed full of incredible content for middle school students. It's really hard to unpack everything as a group when we head home as soon as the conference is over. The extra day gives us more time to have meaningful conversations about the conference in addition to giving students more time to process everything they learned while at the conference. 

  2. When we leave as soon as the conference is over the students don't really get a lot of time to just hangout and have fun together. Staying at the Airbnb gives our group an entire evening to unwind, play games, order pizza and hangout!

In our experience, staying the extra night creates the best experience for students both spiritually and relationally.

What Will We Do For Church On Sunday? We will attend ENGEDI Church in Holland, Michigan.

What Do I Need To Do To Register My Student(s) For Believe? To register someone for Believe simply follow these steps:

  1. Click HERE to reserve your spot with the Markle Student Ministry and make a payment. (registration will remain open until March 24th. Payments will not be required until March 24th, however, a students spot will not be locked in until payment is received)

  2. Click HERE to fill out a Believe medical release form. (every student MUST fill out this form)

  3. Click HERE for a PDF of the Markle Student Ministry waiver. (every student MUST fill out this form and have it submitted on or before April 26th)

Additional Information: 

  • What To Pack

  • Conference Schedule

  • Financial Aid Request (We NEVER want money to be the reason a student misses out on this incredible opportunity! We are willing to work with families through a number of different ways ranging from discounted prices and setting up payments all the way to full tuition. Email Jason our student minister to request some financial aid.