That's right... IT'S BACK... this time with a little twist!!

This Sunday, September 23rd starting at 2:00 p.m. the student ministry will be holding its first ever Amazing Race - Family Edition!  Any student in the middle school ministry or high school ministry and their parents are invited to be a part of this event!

If you are unaware of how this event will work, each family will receive a clue to start the race, after that there will be a series of locations you need to find where there will be challenges/tasks to complete in order to get your next clue. The game will have your family bouncing around, searching for different locations in our area racing other teams along the way! 

We will meet in the Underground at 2:00 pm to go over some rules and we will plan on starting the race at 2:30 pm. The race will end around 6pm with a pizza celebration following. We have strategically put together a race to ensure that every single family  that makes up the Markle Student Ministry will have an absolute blast!!

If your family would like to participate in The Amazing Race Family Edition registration is now open. Total cost per family is $20. This will include all of the materials you'll need to participate in the Race and a pizza celebration after the race. You can visit or visit our Facebook page ( for a link directing you to the registration page.

*If you are a student who wants to participate but your parents/guardians cannot make it to the event that NOT a problem at all! We will place you with other families and will even have some "extra" adults there who will be ready to compete in the race! 

Please note… our regular Sunday night programming for both children and students will be cancelled September 23rd, in order to let parents enjoy this night with their middle school and high school students.