What are your deal-breakers? What would cause you to lose faith? Would it be an unanswered prayer? Would it be a deal-breaker if you felt like the church was out of touch and faith was just a bunch of rules to follow? What if God asked you to sacrifice your stuff—your money or your time or some other thing you loved? In this series we consider those things that many people struggle with when it comes to faith and then we explore ways to work through those struggles so that your faith develops—so that you grow in wisdom and maturity. At the end of the day, our goal is to learn how we can turn our deal-breakers into faith-builders. #DealBreakersMCC



Aaron McClary - April 23, 2017

How do we reconcile the pain that we experience--and the prayers that aren’t answered the way we hoped they’d be--with our faith in God? How does our faith survive, and even grow, in the midst of painful circumstances? How can we turn our pain from a deal-breaker into a faith-builder?

WEEK 2: "Rules & relevance"

Aaron McClary - April 30, 2017

Where does faith fit into real life? For many people, the view that faith is irrelevant or regressive or that its just a bunch of rules to follow is a deal-breaker for them. Why waste time and energy on the whole Christianity thing if it doesn’t relate to my life and to the real world?

WEEK 3: "Spirituality & Stuff"

Aaron McClary - May 7, 2017

If following Jesus means sacrificing your money, your time, your goals, your status…is that a deal-breaker for you? If following God meant abandoning the pursuit of a dream—would that be a deal-breaker for you? It was for a couple of people in Scripture and it still is for some today.