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What is a CommUNITY Group?

A CommUNITY Group is a small group of 10-15 individuals of varying ages and stages of life who gather together to encourage one other through Bible reading, group discussion, and prayer. The purpose of our CommUNITY Groups is to—you guessed it—build community among the members of our church!

When/where will these groups meet?

CommUNITY Groups in the Fall '17 season will meet together for 90 minutes, once a week, for six consecutive weeks beginning the week of October 8th. Meeting times and locations vary. Details can be found on the registration page.

What is the role of a Leader?

A CommUNITY Group Leader is responsible for managing the group by communicating details to its members, facilitating discussion (not teaching), and serving as the liaison between the group and the leadership at MCC.

What is the role of a Host?

A CommUNITY Group Host opens their home to the group and provides a warm and welcoming environment for the group to gather in.

What is the role of a Participant?

A CommUNITY Group Participant commits to faithful attendance and active participation.

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