CommUNITY Groups @ MCC

A CommUNITY Group is a small group of 10-15 individuals of varying ages and stages of life who gather together for six consecutive weeks to enjoy and encourage one other as fellow followers of Jesus. Our goal is to create community within our church by getting to know others whose paths we wouldn't otherwise cross with--and each season we have a great time doing it!

Registration for our Fall 2019 season of groups will open in September.

Here's the schedule for this Fall season:

WEEK 1 - "Welcome Week"

• During this first session each group watches a Welcome Video, participates in a few icebreaker/get-to-know-you activities, and then makes some decisions about plans for their subsequent weeks together.

WEEK 2 - "Meal Out"

• In this session each group meets at a pre-determined restaurant for a meal together. Few things brings people together more than good conversation over a good meal!

WEEK 3 - "Fun In"

• During this session each group competes against all of the other CommUNITY Groups in a game of strategy. The group who outperforms all the others receives a special prize. Shared fun and laughter go a long way in building community!

WEEK 4 - "Service Project"

• In this session each group meets at a pre-determined location to serve together. Groups are provided with several options of pre-planned projects or can choose one of their own. When God’s people serve together a connection is made that is truly meaningful.

WEEK 5 - "Fun Out"

• Whether its a night at the bowling alley or taking in a TinCaps game at Parkview Field, a shared experience of fun out on the town is a great way to build community within each group!

WEEK 6 - “Meal In"

• In this final session groups will gather together to enjoy a meal that each member contributes to. During this time each group has the opportunity to reflect on their month and a half of shared experiences and pray for one another.


As you can see, these groups have a great time together! Each season we offer childcare reimbursement to take one more worry off of group members’ minds who are parents of young kids. So, there's no reason not to join a CommUNITY Group this season!