One of the greatest passions we have here at Markle Church of Christ is for missions. We have a rich history of significant partnerships with local, regional, national, and international missionaries and missions organizations and we're excited to carry that commitment on indefinitely into the future at MCC. During this series we will be exploring God's call on our lives to go BEYOND for the sake of the Gospel. As part of this series, we challenge and invite our church to commit financially to our missions efforts in 2018. #BeyondMCC

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WEEK 1: "Beyond yourself"

Aaron McClary - September 10, 2017

What God is doing is bigger than any one of us...and He's calling us to follow Him outside of our own little worlds and into the wide expanse of His Kingdom. Before you can follow Jesus anywhere you have to be willing to go BEYOND yourself!


Jayson French - September 17, 2017

The challenges the modern church faces when it comes to going BEYOND for the sake of the Gospel are not much different than the challenges the first followers of Jesus faced. At its core, our hesitation towards going BEYOND ourselves or our church can be summed up in one word--fear.

WEEK 3: "beyond your culture"

Aaron McClary - September 24, 2017

Have you ever experienced culture shock? Ever found yourself in a situation where you didn’t fit in with everyone around you? Most of us try to avoid those situations but the truth is that God calls us to seek them out. He calls us to go BEYOND our culture to take the Gospel far beyond our comfort zone.

WEEK 4: "beyond your imagination"

Curtis Smith - October 1, 2017

After serving as Chief Meteorologist at Channel 21Alive in Fort Wayne for eleven years, Curtis joined Parkview Health as their Director of Community Outreach in May of 2016. As a follower of Jesus, one of the biggest ways Curtis has experienced the love and power of God is through global missions. In this message, Curtis challenges us to allow God to do--in us and through us--what we could never ask or imagine.